About Encyclopedias Unit

The origin of the Encyclopedia Unit dates back to the early years of the center's establishment. The encyclopedia works, initiated by the General Directorate of Islamic Encyclopedia founded by the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation in 1983 and later succeeded by the Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM) in 1993, has been carried out by this unit. Currently, the unit conducts the revision and updating of entries in the 46-volume Diyanet Encyclopedia of Islam and the 8-volume Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, both of which are publications of the center. Furthermore, the Russian translation of the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam are also coordinated by Encyclopedia Unit. The Unit's responsibility includes the coordination of thematic encyclopedias, a project that was launched in 2023. In line with the publication policies determined by the ISAM Executive Board and Encyclopedia Publication Board, this unit conducts its activities in collaboration with a diverse group of over 100 experts, academics, and artists from both Turkiye and abroad in carrying out its activities.

Updated at February 27, 2024