About Tahqiq Unit

About Tahqiq Unit

In accordance with the transformation in the history of Islamic thought and sciences in the classical period, İSAM has developed two separate projects on these periods: the “early classical period” (until the late 6th [12th] century) and the “second classical period” (from the 7th [13th] century to the beginning of the 12th [19th] century). The Second Classical Period project launched in 2012 and the Early Classical Period project launched in 2016 aim to investigate, uncover, and recover the scholarly accumulation of the Islamic civilization in the pre-modern period (until the 19th century) and to write a more accurate history of sciences.

The Tahqiq Unit was established in 2012 to carry out tasks such as planning the work related to these projects, determining the works to be prepared for critical edition within the scope of the projects, producing new sub-projects, and evaluating the projects to be submitted.

The Unit is responsible for the preparation of Arabic and Ottoman manuscripts that have been written in the field of rational and narrative sciences in the Islamic tradition, but are still in manuscript form or have been published without following scholarly principles, for publication within the framework of İSAM’s publishing policies and scholarly principles. Among the primary objectives of this unit is to conduct theoretical academic studies on critical editions and to contribute to the training of researchers in this field by providing expert support to the training organized by İSAM related to critical editions of manuscripts written in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish.

The critical editions prepared with the institutional support provided by İSAM consist of important works that have been influential in the history of Islamic sciences. These studies, which are carried out by taking into account all available copies of manuscripts in libraries in Türkiye and abroad, are subjected to a rigorous peer-review process within the framework of İSAM’s editing standards (İSAM Edited Editions Guidelines [ITNES]) developed by İSAM with its institutional knowledge and experience. After the works pass through the editorial process, they are presented to readers with an aesthetic and legible design.

For information and communication : tahkik@isam.org.tr

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Updated at February 27, 2024