About Research and Project Unit

About Research and Project Unit

İSAM has been contributing to academic life through encyclopedic activities, supporting researchers, and conducting critical edition projects from its establishment to the present day. Within the scope of encyclopedia publications, projects such as "Diyanet Encyclopedia of Islâm, "Concise Encyclopedia of Islam," and "Great Istanbul History" have been completed, and work on "Thematic Encyclopedias" started in 2023. To support researchers, the "Researcher Assistance and Training Program," "Undergraduate Educational Assistance Program," and "Visiting Scholar Program" are still ongoing. In addition, critical edition activities continue with the "Early Classical Period Project" and the "Late Classical Period Project."

ISAM is currently continuing its research and project activities under titles such as the "Encyclopedia of Islâm History Project," "Education Projects," "Scholar Database Project," and "Digitilization Project.."

Updated at March 5, 2024