Digitalization Project

Digitalization Project

Launched in 2012 as the Electronic Publication Project that could improve İSAM’s article, thesis, and archive databases, and focusing on transforming the Diyanet Encyclopedia of Islam into an electronic encyclopedia since 2016, the project’s vision and goals were expanded in 2022 to produce a more comprehensive technological infrastructure integration. At this point, its name was changed to the “Digitalization Project”  

The Digitalization Project aims to coordinate the digitalization processes of all kinds of data, projects, and publications produced by different projects and activity units of İSAM ; to establish an automation system among these digital products; to coordinate the software, design, application-production, storage-cataloging, collaborations, and consultancy services needed within this framework; and to ensure that all these works are carried out within the framework of international standards and national/international collaborations. 

The primary aim of the project is to improve the design and database applications of the website where the Diyanet Encyclopedia of Islam has been published digitally since 2018, as well as carry out comprehensive studies that take into account the preparations for the new encyclopedia and the digital version of the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam

In addition to the encyclopedia studies, it is aimed to transform all kinds of data produced and published or to be produced by İSAM into independent but interconnected data automation in the form of international databases through digitalization infrastructures. 

Updated at March 5, 2024