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You can only access the e-resources listed below through the local network of ISAM.


Encyclopaedia of Islam Online
The Encyclopedia of Islam (EI) is an important reference source with comprehensive content on Islam, the Islamic world and Muslims. Encyclopedia of Islam Online provides full access to all editions of the encyclopedia and the Historical Atlas of Islam.

Encyclopedia of Islam 1st Edition Online (only local network of ISAM)
The online version of the Encyclopedia of Islam First Edition (EI1), published in print between 1913 and 1936, provides access to 9,000 articles. It covers philology, history, theology, and law until the early 20th century.

Encyclopedia of Islam 2nd Edition Online (only local network of ISAM)
The Encyclopedia of Islam Second Edition was published between 1954 and 2005. The second edition differs from the first edition not only in its expanded scope, but also in its inclusion of the works of scholars of mainly Muslim and Middle Eastern origin.

The Encyclopedia of Islam 3rd Edition Online (only local network of ISAM)
Launched in 2007, the Encyclopedia of Islam Third Edition is a completely new work that provides up-to-date information on the Islamic world and reflects the diversity of existing scholarship. The new edition provides comprehensive coverage of Islam in the 20th century and Muslim minorities around the world.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World (only local network of ISAM)
Published in print in February 2009, the encyclopedia provides students, researchers, political analysts, journalists, and lay readers with accurate, comprehensive, and balanced information on the world’s fastest growing religion and the society, politics, economics, daily life, culture, and thought it influences.

LexiQamus (only through the local network of ISAM)
LexiQamus, is a dictionary that gives you a list of Ottoman words through a special software, based on the letters you enter in different parts of the word and the parts you cannot read, and gives you a list of results that meet these conditions.

Lehçediz (only through the local network of ISAM)
The Lehçediz Dictionary is a comprehensive database that spans historical and contemporary texts of Turkish literature, offering valuable data on significant works from the literatures of the Turkic World. With a simple internet connection, users can access thousands of data points for scientific research. This resource proves invaluable for departments including History, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish, Contemporary Turkish Dialects, Librarianship, and any field requiring textual research. 


BRILL e-journals

You can access all issues of Brill Publishing's following journals in full text.

Arabica: Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies / Revue d’études Arabes et Islamiques (only local network of ISAM)
First founded in 1954 by Evariste Lévi-Provençal as a publication for French Arabists, Arabica is today a multidisciplinary academic journal with an international editorial board representing various fields of research. It publishes articles on the classical and contemporary literatures, languages, history, thought, and civilization of the Arab world.

Die Welt des Islams (only local network of ISAM)
From the 17th century to the present day, Die Welt des Islams focuses on the history, religion, and culture of Muslim societies around the world and features articles in English, French, and German from all relevant academic disciplines.

Journal of Arabic Literature (only local network of ISAM)
Founded in 1970, the Journal of Arabic Literature (JAL) is one of the leading journals specializing in the study of Arabic literature from the pre-Islamic period to the present day. JAL publishes literary, critical, and historical studies, as well as book reviews, comparative, and interdisciplinary studies on Arabic literature in its broadest sense: classical and modern, written and oral, verse and prose, literary language and colloquialism, written for a wide readership of scholars and students.

Islamic Law and Society (only local network of ISAM)
Islamic Law and Society provides a forum for research on classical and modern Islamic law in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (only local network of ISAM)
The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (JESHO) publishes original research articles in the field of Asian, Near Eastern, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean studies throughout history. The journal promotes world history from an Asian and Middle Eastern perspective and invites scholars to integrate cultural and intellectual history with economic, social, and political analysis.

Medieval Encounters: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Culture in Confluence and Dialogue (only local network of ISAM)
Medieval Encounters is a journal devoted to discussion and dialogue across cultural, linguistic, and disciplinary boundaries on the interaction of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cultures from the 4th to the 16th centuries AD. It features articles in English, French, German, Italian, German, Italian, and Spanish that seek to advance the understanding of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations in the Middle Ages.

Sociology of Islam (only local network of ISAM)
Sociology of Islam (SOI) features works on sociological, political, anthropological, historical, and other aspects of Islam and Muslim societies from a broad and global perspective.

Muqarnas Online (only local network of ISAM)
Founded by Oleg Grabar in 1983, Muqarnas is an academic journal focusing on art, architectural history, archaeology, and all aspects of Islamic written and visual culture, both historical and contemporary. Muqarnas is supported by the Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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CAMBRIDGE e-journals

You can access all issues of the following journals from Cambridge University Press in full text.

Review of Middle East Studies (only local network of ISAM)
Review of Middle East Studies (RoMES), the online review journal of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), publishes research articles, essays, short reports, and reviews of books, films, music, software, and exhibitions in all areas of Middle Eastern studies, including Islamic and cultural studies, history, geography, art and architecture, and political studies.

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (only local network of ISAM)
Published since 1917 by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the SOAS Bulletin is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on the language, culture, literary traditions, and civilizations of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East from antiquity to the early 20th century.

Journal of Royal Asiatic Society (only local network of ISAM)
Published since 1834 by the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (JRAS) covers the history, archaeology, literature, language, religion, and arts of South Asia, the Middle East (including North Africa and Ethiopia), Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Comparative Studies in Society and History (only local network of ISAM)
Comparative Studies in Society and History (CSSH) brings together multidisciplinary research, cultural studies, and theory by experts in all branches of the social sciences and humanities, including anthropology, history, political science, and sociology, to address the ongoing problems of change and transformation in human societies throughout history and in the contemporary world.

New Perspectives on Turkey (only local network of ISAM)
New Perspectives on Turkey (NPT) provides an intellectual platform for scholarly debate and ideas on the history, politics, society, economy, and culture of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. In addition to research directly related to Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, NPT also includes comparative perspectives and theoretical contributions to such research.

International Journal of Middle East Studies (only local network of ISAM)
The International Journal of Middle East Studies (IJMES) publishes articles on communities with historical, political, cultural, or religious ties to the Middle East, as well as on transnational and transregional relations, focusing on an area spanning North and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab, Turkish, and Persian worlds, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, Central, South, and Southeast Asia, and the peoples who migrated from or settled in these lands from the 7th century to the present.

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy (only local network of ISAM)
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy (ASP) is an international journal focusing on Arabic sciences, mathematics, and philosophy in the Islamic world between the 8th and 18th centuries in a cross-cultural framework. In 2009, the journal expanded its scope to include important articles on scientific modernization in the Islamic world since the 19th century. In addition to original studies on the history of all these fields, ASP also presents studies on the interrelationships between Arab and Greek, Indian, Chinese, Latin, Byzantine, Syriac, and Hebrew sciences and philosophies.

Religious Studies (only local network of ISAM)
Religious Studies is an international journal focusing on issues in the philosophy of religion that arise from classical and contemporary debates and various religious traditions.

Iranian Studies (only local network of ISAM)
Iranian Studies is a specialized journal for anyone interested in Persian or Iranian heritage, especially Iranians in Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, North India, and the diaspora.

You can access the following journal from Edinburgh University Press in full text.

Journal of Qur’anic Studies (only local network of ISAM)
The Journal of Qur’anic Studies promotes Qur’anic studies from a broad scientific perspective and includes articles in English and Arabic.

You can access all issues of Taylor & Francis Publishing's following journal in full text.

Turkish Studies
As Turkey gains prominence in global affairs owing to its expanding economy, democratic values, intricate society, and robust armed forces, 'Turkish Studies' provides a scholarly platform for discussions on Turkey's history, politics, and foreign policy. The journal encompasses topics such as the history of the Turkish Republic, political dynamics, government composition, policies, and international relations. Its overarching goal is to foster a comprehensive understanding of Turkey's political, social, and economic landscape.

You can access certain issues of following journals published by Taylor & Francis due to past subscriptions.

Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean, MS beşinci yüzyıldan on beşinci yüzyıla kadar Akdeniz toplumlarını ve kültürlerini tüm yönleriyle inceleyen hakemli, uluslararası bir dergidir. Ortaçağ Avrupa yazılarında İslam, Akdeniz sanatı ve mimarisi, arkeoloji askeri tarih gibi çok çeşitli konuları kapsayan Al-Masaq, bölgenin zengin ve karmaşık tarihine dair değerli bilgiler sunmaktadır.

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
The British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, a refereed academic journal published for the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES), seeks to strike a balance between
modern social sciences and traditional disciplines associated with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. This journal welcomes scholarly contributions covering various aspects of the Middle East throughout history, encompassing language, literature, history, politics, economics, anthropology, sociology, geography, philosophy, and religions. In addition, the journal boasts a robust review section that evaluates publications on Middle Eastern subjects, including rare reference and bibliographical material.

You can access all issues of the following journal published by Chicago University Press in full text.

Journal of Near Eastern Studies
The Journal of Near Eastern Studies (JNES) focuses on studying civilizations of the Near East from prehistory to the early modern period. It covers a broad scope of time, place, and topics, including Assyriology, Egyptology, Hittitology, Hebrew Bible, and related ancient studies. It also emphasizes early, medieval, and early-modern Islamic studies. The journal encompasses disciplines from history, language, religion, and literature to archaeology and art history. Each issue includes new scholarly work and a book review section, offering critical assessments of new publications by both emerging and established scholars.

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